The video "Café Madoka" lasts about an hour and shows a walk to a specific destination in a city. This work focuses on the ground pattern rather than the surroundings. This direction of view gives the ground a decisive role in determining the place and the landscape.

„The state of pavements is the safest indicator of the state of a city. They are the skin, and like it, they are cared for or not cared for, depending on what. You can tell if it‘s being kept in good shape and if money is being spent on it or if you accept that it‘s decaying, decaying, getting chapped. Well-kept trottoos and plasters make sure that you can turn to the important: you are relieved of the worry of looking after the path. You don‘t fall if you don‘t look at the earth. Because everything is smooth, predictable. There are cities in which the trottoire has burst, jumped up. It‘s easy to stumble there. And there are those where Trottoire is as well maintained as parquet. Trottoire show traces: traces of wear and tear of time.“
Karl Schlögel
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